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Quick “Promptie” #4

Would you feel safe if you knew that you would be dead by Tuesday with 1.5% certainty? What would this information do to you? How would you act, what precautions would you end up taking? Focus on atmosphere and a … Continue reading

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Quick Promptie #2 and #3!

Earth Overheating! Schedule for Recoding in 5… 4… 3… We all know about the global warming – it’s everywhere, and by now very obvious in various ways. It’s time to write a story about it from a new perspective: come … Continue reading

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I sit down at the table, glancing slightly nervously at the endless queue of hundred – no, thousand in front of me. I stretch my fingers, take out my pen and nod. The first person is let forth. “Who shall … Continue reading

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A Family of Hunters

(Left to right:) Meggie (mother), Paul (father), Christopher, Eloise and Iris Clark. They look, speak and act like a perfectly normal, happy family. They’ve lived in over 10 states and 27 different towns and cities during the last five years. … Continue reading

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Novel Writing: Planning (part 2a)

Last time we touched the surface of developing your idea further: this time we’ll be going deeper into plot development by talking about outlines. So how do you use your brainstormed scenes and characters and make a solid, polished plot? … Continue reading

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