Quick Promptie #2 and #3!

Earth Overheating! Schedule for Recoding in 5… 4… 3…

We all know about the global warming – it’s everywhere, and by now very obvious in various ways. It’s time to write a story about it from a new perspective: come up with a solution to the global warming and write about the world after it has been put into action. Nothing is impossible in this challenge, so be creative. All factories rocketed out onto mars, cars replaced with ultra-high-tech, cool-air blowing rocket boots? Bring them on! Of course, this solution can come with some unpleasant or surprising side effects, be it on culture, safety, a different aspect of the environment…

Nope, computer still not better. :(

Painting the Scenery

Write a story about somebody either painting/drawing or writing a world for themselves – it can be formatted in any way you want: a news story, an interview, a diary, monologue, traditional third-person… Focus on colourful characterization and making the main character as realistic and memorable as you can.

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One Response to Quick Promptie #2 and #3!

  1. a.m. kuska says:

    I think I am up to this challenge. Let me think on it and see what I can come up with.

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