Alternate Evolution

“Is the web done yet?” Sher asked, peering over Arash’s shoulder.

“In a minute”, he snapped, frowning in concentration. “Only the best for our queen.”

“Best indeed – don’t screw it up. You remember what happened last time… Although those eggs did provide a mighty feast.”

Arash seemed to pale, although Sher couldn’t know for sure.

What if mammals hadn’t become the dominant animal type on this planet? What if lizards hadn’t taken that title either? What if Earth’s oxygen levels had remained high, high enough to upkeep a vast amount of huge arthropods? What if they, instead of us, had risen to full power?

This is just one version of the story: there are hundreds more. What if birds had become sentient? What if we humans had developed to live underwater – what if no continents would ever have been formed? Go on, write about this! Alternate evolution: how things could’ve been. Picture from WoWWiki.

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