Chels Andersson

Chelsea “Chels” Andersson is a 19-year-old media and communications student from Umeå, Sweden, born to an english mother and a swedish father. She has an older brother names Karl who’s currently studying mathematics in the same university as his younger sister. Chels loves to paint and draw: she keeps a comic diary and makes a little money out of selling T-shirts and prints online. She has only ever traveled to England to meet her granparents, but dreams of visiting the United States one day, perhaps even moving there.

Write about Chels: the plot is up to you. She doesn’t need to be your only main character, just keep her in the picture. What is her brother like, do they run into each other at the university? How close are they? The age difference can’t be too big if they’re both studying in the same place. What about this business that Chels has, what if something goes wrong with it? Too many loans, some viruses, scams? Or maybe she’ll really visit the USA, and something interesting will happen there? These are the obvious questions, the possibilities are endless! Photo by humle3000.

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