Pretty as a Princess

I sneaked through the seemingly empty corridor, listening carefully for any unwanted footsteps. I kept my eyes on the windows, making sure the gardener outside didn’t choose to turn around to face me. In just a couple of quick steps I reached the wooden door and pushed it. Locked, again.

It’s time to write a classic fantasy story with a slight twist. This one’s going to be about a princess… on a mission. It doesn’t have to be a “I want something more” Disney princess (of course, nothing is stopping you from writing one): what about a princess betraying her father and spying for the enemy kingdom to gain fortune of her own? Or a princess refusing to marry, wanting to inherit her father’s throne on her own? Perhaps she has an older sister or brother taking that throne, and she’s determined to claw her way to the top? Whatever her mission is, go and let her shine! Photo by auroradreams.

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