Fallin’ Asleep

I was called lazy. Lazy Larry. Stupid nickname, I blame my classmates for not having any imagination. Although, I must say, I do sleep a lot – but it’s not like I can really help it.

Up north where I live there has been a worrying boom of narcolepsy patients during the past year or two, growing from about 2-5 cases a year to a whopping 60. There’s a lot of speculation as to what caused it (most people siding with the combination of the swine flu vaccination and something unknown), and if you want to write about that, go do it now! However, the real challenge I’m throwing out is the following: write from the point of view of somebody who is suffering of narcolepsy. How does it affect his or her life? How does it affect her view of herself, and how others view her? What dangers does it get her into, what dreams does it prevent or complicate? Ready? Go! Photo by graur codrin.

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