Sleepwriting – part 2

Time for another sleepwriting -post! As before, any remarks [like this] are my own little notes on the dream. This time my memory is a bit scetchy, but I think you won’t mind having less to read. Join me after the cut to read the dream and my dramaticazion of it.

I dreamed that there was a farm, and the keeper left for some reason. [Had just finished reading Animal Farm, that’s probably where this came from.] When he came back, all animals and workers had turned into mythical beings: there was a young woman sitting on the roof with black hair so long it reached the ground, there was a young man with huge horns shaped almost like wings, there was an enormous black bull with bone white horns, and a lot more.

There sat a nymph on his porch, to whom the farmer spoke. He didn’t want to believe any of this, so the nymph said: ‘go ahead, find out yourself’. At that very moment the bull raced past at a deadly speed. The farmer paled.

He talked some more to the nymph, who said that she could go back to the forest, but it wouldn’t listen to her, indicating that she was only half-nymph, and half-human. She kept brushing her tangled, auburn hair to one side, and she wore only some rags made out of leaves.

After that the dream changed into another, and I found myself in my house with my hair tangled just as the nymph’s had been.

Just as last time, you can catch the 250-word story based around this here, at Pear Productions. It’s just one click away, folks, go check it out. Thank you for joining me here at the second part of Sleepwriting! Pictures used in the manipulations were made by Bugidifino (background), faestock (model) and amyhatesyouaswell (background), thank you all.

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