Particular Affections

“He’s certainly agreeable”, she mused, flashing a coy smile.

“Well, I think your agreeableness matches his. Why don’t you go and talk to him?”

“I can’t, we aren’t allowed to dance tonight…”

Romance, love, passion… it’s in (almost) all of us, be it a shy spark of affection or raging fires in your heart. Write under the genre “romance”, including the two thirteen-letter words “agreeableness” and “particularist”, as well as the colour green. Have fun with it and be creative: not all romance stories need to be Harlequin wish-fulfillments. Throw in some other genres if you feel like it: forbidden love between a man and an android? A half-bird half-human creature falling for humans? The prince and the princess, with a twist? Photo by kongsky.

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