Winter’s Whisper

She felt the ice crack under the soles of her boots. The snow bit into her tender skin, mauling away like it was made of tiny shards of glass. The hooded figure behind the trees still didn’t move.

I live up here in Scandinavia, so I’m no stranger to long, cold and dark winters. They change everything about how you live for months: your daily routines, your plans and ambitions, your mood, and of course transportation. It’s one of the most interesting times to set your story in. Therefore I challenge you to write a chilly horror piece (short story, poem, flash fiction, whatever works for you) set in this snowy season. The characters and details are up to you! Photo by Maggie Smith.

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2 Responses to Winter’s Whisper

  1. I’ll have to consider your challenge. I loved the photograph, it brought me in from the tags page. I have to agree with you, winter changes behavior. Sometimes good, sometimes not.

    I write a lot more in the winter.


    • mephetti says:

      I find myself writing more during the winter too. Perhaps it’s the lack of distractions, or just the mood it brings. :) I’m happy you liked the challenge!

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