Angelo Rinaldi

Angelo Rinaldi is a traveler, an explorer, and a monk. His words flow with self-confidence as he speaks to the very poorest and the richest of this world, telling his tales in a low, quiet voice.

Write about Angelo, be it from his point of view or someone else’s. You’re free to add to this idea and give it your own twist. Photo by Salvatore Vuono.

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One Response to Angelo Rinaldi

  1. bwinwnbwi says:

    Such an inspiring picture! It seems like today we were meant to be together! We are steaming through the oneaday posts side by side. Anyway, here’s what I believe Angelo Rinaldi might share (in addition to all the other wonderful quality moments he could share in order to make a Better World. Below is a bit of what I blogged a couple days ago.

    When an appreciation for a quality moment grows, moments of quality expand. And so it is with spiritual teachings, especially for those students who are
    taught to expand awareness through the practice of meditation. Some
    students learn quickly, some do not. But, all students show progress,
    and, in so doing, learn how to appreciate moments of quality. Learning
    how to sustain and intensify those moments is what it’s all about.
    Realizing a moment of quality, when that is all there is, is to be
    here now.

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