David Van Laren

This is David. He’s 29 years old and works in the programming industry, although his dearest hobby is photography. He recently moved to the United States for a job, after having lived in Leiden – located in the northern Netherlands – for all his life. He has a bad habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, and making sure he takes a lot of pictures of whatever he sees. He misses his family greatly, but can’t afford to fly back to them more than once or twice a year.

Write a little something about David: it could be just a day in his life in first person monologue, but you could do something more interesting than that. What about having his curiocity get him in some real troubles in the unsafe streets of the big city he isn’t used to? Maybe he has a secret love somewhere here, or alternatively, one back in Leiden, tearing his heart apart. What about that programming he does? Why not get to the details on that? Get writing!

Sorry for not updating yesterday (busy day ‘n’ all that), but hey, now you get two posts today! Photo by graur razvan ionut.

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