Sleepwriting – part 1

Ah, sleep. That little pest that keeps us from writing all 24 hours a day. However, there is one good side to sleeping – aside from keeping us alive of course. One word: inspiration. Dreams provide us with countless of crazy, ridiculous but sometimes kind of awesome ideas and scenes to boost our writing from time to time. Hey, what’s that? “Project time“? I suppose it is! Join me after the cut to hear all about this.

This is a whole new section under “personal posts”, but in truth, this is what my personal posts will mostly be about. Projects, projects, and more projects! Here I will challenge myself in some way, and document my process here. I suppose you have already guessed what our first project will be? That’s right: I will write down seven dreams I have throughout however long it might take for me to remember seven dreams. But that’s not all! In addition to keeping this dream diary, I will post a tiny short story based around the dream. Here I will take one scene or point of view from the dream and try to make a little bit of sense out of it.

Alright, lets dive right into the first dream! I dreamt this a few nights back and wrote it down right away. I’ve edited my incoherent writing a little bit (I’m not exactly a morning person), but left it mostly the same, apart from the [faded text] which is just some remarking. :)

We were in front of Aslan’s country (the gate to our world). [Had seen Narnia a few days before, hehe. Pretty good movie.] We wanted to travel to a mountain to see over it. Aslan said that we could do that, but we would need to enter the gate by Monday, or the waters would swallow us.

Maybe they did, because the next thing I remember was us being in Aslan’s country, and yet not dead. [Just knew that, apparently.] We were guided up a big cliff, and met the leaders of the land, three skeletons. We danced for a while [the WoW draenei dance, actually], and entertained the skeletons. We had a witch with us. To show the skeletons her strength she tried to do a blessing by throwing a small pebble at a large piece of stone and emerald in the middle of the clearing we stood in. Somehow it turned into a curse, and the stone exploded, revealing a black dragon. It began to terrorize the area, setting everything on fire.

I noticed that hey, I was a dragon too! [A white one, by the by]. I tried to breathe fire, but couldn’t no matter how hard I tried (I would still have to learn that). I tried to fly, but I was way too heavy, so it was difficult.

We fled the black dragon, and travelled over the sea. The dragon sent orange butterflies and goldfish [O_o] to spy on us, and we did our best to kill them (I first by biting, then by ripping in human form), but there were too many, and even when the butterflies fell into the water, they kept swimming.

Eventually we got into this populated area at the shore that was full of swimming pools, and I was in my human form again. I noticed that the goldfish followed me. I started slipping between this world (with a stormy sky) and another (clear sky, no noise), so sometimes when I would say something, nobody would hear it. One of my mates [a guy that looked like a character in my WIP novel] spoke into the phone and got the news that our friends were in bit of a trouble, and that we would “meet at the lumber’s”, the first hall in a castle nearby that had huge wooden furniture [like, really huge. Made for giants].

I entered the castle, visited its dungeons (filled with prisoners, dead maids and grey/green food leftovers), and eventually stumbled into a small but luxurious room, with dark furniture (black/red/gold). The black dragon waited for me there, in his human form, with a D&D box (actually, four little D&D boxes combined). He handed it to me, and asked us to combine our rings in the sunlight.  [No, I haven’t left out anything, it just doesn’t make much sense. At this point, I somehow knew that each dragon had his own ring.] Suddenly, I heard muffled speech, and after looking around found the source of it under a trapdoor: a girl sat there. She told me to use the ring now to transform, rather than obey the black dragon. I told her that it was far too dangerous to turn indoors, and took my ring from the box.

On my way out, I walked through a hall full with people and bookshelves, where an older fellow was explaining the whole dragons-flying-around-the-kingdom-now business.

“I have no idea how to turn, but I’ll try it some time”, I told the people chipperly before leaving. I somehow knew that exposing my ring to the sun at the right time would turn me, and couldn’t wait. My ring was a pearly white, with sunlight-coloured tiny diamonds on the top.

So, after that bit of rambling (and lovely illustration, hehheh), we get into the short story part. Because this post has already grown so long, and I prefer to keep the blog clean of my own work, you can check out the little 300-word descriptive text I wrote here, at Pear Productions. I’m still trying to figure out how to use the platform, but the story should be readable. I welcome all kinds of feedback, although this project is mostly for fun and therefore I don’t overedit my stories.

Thank you all for joining me here! If you decide to try out the same thing, feel free to message me through comments and give me a link to your blog or story.

The pictures were manipulated by me, using stock photos by Elevit and AshenSorrow, thank you both for the remarkable images!

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2 Responses to Sleepwriting – part 1

  1. hookofabook says:

    I checked out your blog. I get a lot of story ideas from dreaming too!! I guess that is when my mind is most creative. :) We love Narnia and anything dragons by the way!
    Very cool post!!

    • mephetti says:

      Yay, thank you for giving this blog a look! Definitely, dreams are a great source of inspiration, even if they don’t always make sense (the core idea is what counts, anyway). :)) And yup, dragons are awesome.

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