Waiting for the Hit

“So that’s it then?” he asked in a hoarse whisper. “You’re just going to sit and wait, wait for all of it to end?”

“We’re not gonna outrun this, Viktor. Might as well.”

He hesitated at the door, his hand still reaching out for his coat. “Don’t make me leave you here.”

“It’s funny…” Asya said, gazing out into the distance. “It doesn’t look like the world is at its end. It’s like it tries to trick us into believing this is just another sunny summer day.”

Where are these two? Are they the only one present? Is the ‘world’s end’ referencing just to their personal world, or the entire world at large, or did they mean something entirely different? What should they be running from? Are there other people in the room? Is Viktor going to leave Asya wherever they are? The questions are endless, and you can answer them. Write a story around this quote. You can use the quote directly, partly or not include it at all and just base your story on it. Feel free to change the gender/names/nationalities of the characters. Get writing! Photo by deathbutterfly.

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