Jackie Abney

Jackie is 19 years old and in the midst of her studies. She comes from a part-French family, speaking fluently both English and French, as well as some basic Italian. She dreams of becoming an architect, but is studying to become a chemist due to her family’s wishes. She thinks Dungeons & Dragons is something truly awesome and loves horror movies. In addition to all this, she has a crush on a young physics teacher.

There you have your character – or at least something to start with. Now we need a scenario, a twist. A Dungeons & Dragons game gone awry? Problems at home? And how would that teacher react if the rumour of Jackie’s affections caught his (or her) ears? It’s all up to you. Write a short story, a poem, or anything else you’d like about Jackie. Feel free to add fun things of your own to her character! Photo from Photl.com.

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