Craving Beauty

I’m going to be late for work, but I can’t go out looking like this. Gosh, I couldn’t be more hideous – why can’t I be one of those supermodels and just walk out of bed looking gorgeous. It wouldn’t matter what I put on or how messy my make-up would be, I’d still turn heads and be followed by gasps of delight anywhere I  went.

It’s so easy to get all hung up on our looks, isn’t it. I often catch myself dawdling in front of the mirror, studying every little flaw and cursing their existance. In the end, we have to live with ourselves and accept us as we are, but the media doesn’t make this any easier on us. Write about beauty, perhaps about someone who wishes to be beautiful – stunning, gorgeous, sexy, magnificent, just like that one actress -, magically gains that wish, and finds that it in fact does not make everything perfect. Ready? Write! Photo by healingdream.

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