Fun Tip!

Have you recently read a book full with fun, iconic characters? Or are you perhaps writing one? Either way, here’s a fun thing to try: make playing cards out of your heroes, villains, or both! You can draw these by hand or use a program like I did. The cards above portray the five heroes of Inkheart, in Magic the Gathering style! For more pictures of my own characters who go through this treatment, find them under the cut!

Above you see all the important characters of my work-in-progress novel Half Human. To the far left you can see my main protagonists (golden cards), in the middle there are secondary characters, and to the right my three/two main villains. This was actually a really fun thing to do, and it got me finally informed of Magic the Gathering rules (still will not play is, but now I at least know what it is). None of these pictures or graphics are copyrighted to me! This was made purely in the spirit of fun, and if anyone feels offended by this at all, I can remove it.

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