Quick “Promptie” #4

Would you feel safe if you knew that you would be dead by Tuesday with 1.5% certainty?

What would this information do to you? How would you act, what precautions would you end up taking? Focus on atmosphere and a specific emotion of your choice, be it happiness, sadness, panic or just a vague sense of frustration.

My little rabbit will be going through surgery on Monday afternoon. I hope and pray that she’ll wake up.

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Quick Promptie #2 and #3!

Earth Overheating! Schedule for Recoding in 5… 4… 3…

We all know about the global warming – it’s everywhere, and by now very obvious in various ways. It’s time to write a story about it from a new perspective: come up with a solution to the global warming and write about the world after it has been put into action. Nothing is impossible in this challenge, so be creative. All factories rocketed out onto mars, cars replaced with ultra-high-tech, cool-air blowing rocket boots? Bring them on! Of course, this solution can come with some unpleasant or surprising side effects, be it on culture, safety, a different aspect of the environment…

Nope, computer still not better. :(

Painting the Scenery

Write a story about somebody either painting/drawing or writing a world for themselves – it can be formatted in any way you want: a news story, an interview, a diary, monologue, traditional third-person… Focus on colourful characterization and making the main character as realistic and memorable as you can.

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Computer Malfunction

Hiatus is extended by a few more days due to my computer royally freaking out (and because catching up with lost work is cutting a big chunk of my time right now)… In the meanwhile, I’ve got a little writing prompt for ya:

Are you being watched?

The Truman-show syndrome is known (and, at times, ridiculed), but let’s play along with it for now. What if you (or, rather, a character of yours) stars in a TV-show without even knowing it? How do the producers organize it all? Look behind the scenes, track the actors during their free time. You can write a fictional article or study, write out note’s of the cast’s meetings, or just go the traditional short story route.

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Extra Credits

Although Extra Credits talks a lot about video games, it has some episodes that can be really useful and inspiring to an aspiring writer – I know it has helped me! If you have ten minutes to spare, go and give them a try and potentially step away with new knowledge and creativity. :)

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Hi Guys…

I won’t lie… I’ve been seriously neglecting this poor blog of mine. I could give you tons of excuses, some of which are more acceptable than others – I was tired, I was (and still am) ill, ‘n’ all that. I messed up, and I’ll do my best not to in the future.

What slip-ups like this usually boil down to is this: goals. Setting goals for yourself is far harder than you’d think, or like to think. Knowing our own boundaries can be difficult – knowing ourselves is, in fact, one of the most important and difficult aspects of being a successful writer, something that each and every one of us will struggle with until the very end of our days. But that’s a subject for another, longer article in the future. Now I want to talk about this blog.

This is not a goodbye speech, no sir! We have two series still on the run (and not even near their ends), as well as some exciting subjects to tackle in future series and stand-alone articles. What this is, is a slight change of focus. I’ll be doing my best to continue giving writing ideas and prompts on a more-or-less daily schedule. This means that occasional breaks can very well happen now and then, and I’m not claiming otherwise (although they hopefully won’t extend to be over a week). The articles will now continue coming up once or twice a week, we’ll see about that.

There’s one thing I still want to make clear: these prompts aren’t all meant for one writer. There’s no way anyone can finish a short story every day (or even every other day) – this blog serves partly as a library of ideas and prompts, free for you users to pick up any idea you fancy and leaving the other ones alone.

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